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It Comes From Within

July 14, 2014

Jaeson D. Rau's Blog

Can you, for just a second, imagine that you are driving down a lonely stretch of highway late at night? The moon is shining bright, you have the window down for some fresh air, and your favorite song is playing on the stereo. Then, for no apparent reason, your vehicle just quits. As you pull over onto the shoulder, you wonder for a minute what could possibly be wrong, but those thoughts are quickly forgotten as you reach for your cell phone to call for roadside assistance. As you sit waiting for the tow truck to arrive, you feel a sense of relief knowing that your vehicle is going to be taken to someone that actually knows how to figure out and fix whatever the problem is.
How often does this happen to people, do you think? I am willing to bet, considering the number of vehicles and drivers on…

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