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Can You Help Me Find “THE” Lawyer?

June 20, 2013

“THE” Lawyer that wants to help me make a difference. “THE” Lawyer that has morals and values. “THE” Lawyer that refuses to lie. “THE” Lawyer that believes the kids are most important.

I’m looking for “THE” Lawyer that is OK with the fact that I have lost all respect for Lawyers, He or She will work with me because they are honest and are disgusted by the way other lawyers take advantage of people going through the most traumatic event of their lives, and seem to turn those people into hardened enemies willing to hurt their children in the name of spite.

I’m looking for “THE” Lawyer intrigued by my desire to want to set a new precedent, a precedent that would hold parents responsible for their actions. I have witnessed behavior and have been told of behavior that should have jail time attached to it. Being divorced does not give people the right to wreck innocent children’s lives. The legal system sucks when it comes to divorce and we need to let them know we won’t take it for not another minute. it’s time our court system heard a voice, a loud voice. Let’s start with mine!

I’m looking for “THE” Lawyer that wants to be a part of changing the nature and structure of divorce, to encourage a nurturing and positive co-parenting environment for all children of divorce. Do you believe, like me, that it should be commonplace where Parents have a positive co-parenting relationship even after the rest of it falls apart. If you do, maybe we should talk.

I’m looking for “THE” Lawyer that wants to help raise awareness about Parental Alienation, and wants to do something about it. Parental Alienation is abuse and there must be ramifications if you choose to act this way. Mothers, Fathers and Children are all victims of Parental Alienation, and in my opinion on a bigger scale than anyone thinks. This is crap and it needs to stop.

Are you “THE” Lawyer? Or maybe you know “THE” Lawyer? Please contact me as soon as possible, the children of divorce want us to meet

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