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Happy Fatherless Day

June 18, 2013

This Blog is dedicated to all the kids, like mine, who did not get to see their Father on Fathers Day

In my world, it’s  not “Father’s Day”, Its called  “Fatherless Day”.  Was it too much to ask to spend some time with my boys yesterday? I don’t think so. Which leads me to the question, “What kind of Mom makes sure her kids are busy on Fathers Day, so they don’t end up seeing their dad”? (And no doubt people are being told I am a deadbeat who didn’t even want to see his kids).

It seems to me that my ex is trying to hurt me through our kids, and it is succeeding. Today I am hurt, crushed actually, but not because I’m hurt for me, I am hurt for my boys. I want to sit down and cry, but maybe I’m not allowed because society has told me not too,  I’m a Father and we don’t seem to matter.  I wonder what will become of my boys when they are older, and whether I will be able to have a relationship with them. They have been lied too so much, not only about me but also about the situations in the divorce they are a part of, I fear that it will cause them nothing but hurt. What kind of parent lies to their child about that child’s  other parent? Where is the good in that? Kind of makes me wonder if it’s just a distraction tool to keep our kids from seeing what is actually going on. Kinda makes me wonder if this is abuse of some kind.

A child should have the right to see their Father on Fathers Day, same as they should be able to see their Mother on Mothers Day. And if you are divorced, the right thing to do is to support each other on those two important days of the year. Lying and manipulation so that you are a pretend better parent do nothing to help the kids, and if you are doing this you are pathetic.

I am not perfect, and my life has been hard the last few years, rebuilding your life at 40 something is not all peaches and cream. But I have never stopped wanting to be a father to my two boys, why does it seem like the harder I try the harder my ex pushes me away? I’m sure if you are taking the time to read this you know what I mean. And you probably know that it’s hardest on Mother’s or Father’s Day

But no matter what, when Mothers Day comes around again I will make sure to communicate with my boys how important it is to do something nice for their mom and spend some good quality time with her.

Next year make sure to do the same, do it for the kids!

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