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Why Fathers Aware? Pt. 2

February 20, 2012

Because men have become cowards. Oh stop arguing, yes we have, all of us men have become cowards and it’s wrecking everything around us! especially our children.

I have said it before, and I’m gonna say it again. Men have allowed themselves to become lost and they are just  too damn scared to do anything about it. There was a time when a man would stand up for what was right, and tell people what he thought about the wrong. There was a time when a man would do anything to make time to be with his family. There was a time when a man would be honest with the people he spoke to, even if it meant hurting their feelings. And there was a time when a man was an example for his children.

It’s really too bad those times have come and gone.

Now, I hope you don’t get the idea that I am referring to ALL men, because I am not. However, the percentage of men that fall into this category is so high that we need to be concerned.  In fact, the need to make a change has become so great that if we do not do something immediately, there may be no going back, there are just to many generations being affected at this time in history.

It has taken a long time to get here, it’s gonna take a lot longer to leave if we don’t do something now!

At some point we need to stand up and say “No more, enough is enough”! And by that I do not mean that we need to go fight someone or go to the nearest street corner and yell. Those words, “No more, enough is enough”, is simply something we need to say to ourselves as we look in the mirror. It is not OK to carry on the way we have, it is no longer OK to be out at the sports lounge hanging with the guys and drinking when your family is at home, it is no longer OK to be working all the time, and it is no longer OK to be a silent parent, children actually need the masculine side of parenting in order to become successful adults, we are as important to the upbringing of a child as the mother, tell yourself that over and over if you need to. it is no longer OK to leave the bar nice and low (I hate to sound negative, but honestly I can’t believe how low we have put the bar, and every generation that goes by, the bar is gonna get placed a bit lower) Eventually, if we keep going the way we are, the bar will be so low……..well, it just won’t matter anymore.

I started Fathers Aware because I don’t want to be on my deathbed and wish I had tried to do something for future generations.

I started Fathers Aware because that’s all it takes to make a change, a good idea. I figured if men saw they were not alone in feeling lost, and if they had a safe place to get started, we could really kick it into gear. 

I started Fathers Aware because it’s our own damn fault we get treated like crap when we get divorced.

I started Fathers Aware because it is our responsibility as men to start making the changes that need to be made, before our society and this planet fall apart.

I started Fathers Aware so that my boys and your boy(s) can grow up knowing what it means to be a real man.

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