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Welcome to Fathers Aware

September 22, 2011

Hi, and thanks for coming to check out the first blog for Fathers Aware. Fathers Aware is an organization that has been created to try to help fill a huge void we have in our society right now. That void in which I am speaking, pertains to the disconnected relationships that so many men are struggling through at this time, especially when they become separated or divorced.

The goal of Fathers Aware is to create a movement, a collective change. Men have been lied to for generations now about how they are supposed to be, how they are supposed to act, how they are supposed to feel and how they are supposed to care for themselves. Men have been taught that they are not affectionate and caring, not a nurturing parent, and certainly we are not able to be a loving and caring boyfriend or husband, we have been taught that real men just don’t act that way. Well, I say that all of that is a load of crap. Not only are we capable of it, but it is my feeling that we are supposed to do it, and that is why we are noticing so many problems in society right now, we are not living the way we were intended to. This has caused a separation not only between us and the people near us, but a separation within our own selves. As men we have a responsibility, not only to ourselves but to the people around us. And that responsibility is to act as a man should. To take pride in yourself, to be honest, to be polite and respectful, to inject passion into the things you spend your time doing, to spend quality time with your family and parent when you need to so that your children know the difference between right and wrong, yes, you need to do this even if it makes them mad at you.

Somehow, and I truly don’t know how, men have bought into these lies and now we are truly suffering.

Fathers Aware is the movement that is going to change the way we treat others and how others treat us. But the biggest obstacle we are going to overcome is how men behave as fathers when they transition through divorce. Men have allowed society to proclaim we are not caring, loving, compassionate fathers, and that when we divorce or separate, the children should be primarily with mom. That of course is one of the biggest lies we have polluting society right now. As a collective we need to unite and help each other become the men we are supposed to be, and the parents we are suppose to be. The effects on a child not seeing both parents equally is devastating and we need to stand up and put an end to this.

Fathers Aware was created so that we, as men, have a place to start from, a safe place to start rebuilding. We desperately need to end the cycle that has been created, not just for ourselves, but for future generations as well. We need to stand up and be accountable for what we have done, we need to get off our ass’s and take our power back in situations like divorce, not only for ourselves but for our children. Together, working as a collective, we can change the cycle and bring a balance back.

The question is, are you man enough to be a part of something so big, and so radical that it completely changes the way men are looked at and treated, all over the planet? Are you man enough to make changes in your life and risk people mocking you or even ending their relationship with you because they are too small a person to buy into this new idea? Are you man enough to become vulnerable in your masculinity, or will you stay small and shallow, all the while believing you are somehow being “macho”, continuing to believe real men don’t have emotion.

Trust me when I say that the guy who is “macho”, the guy who is truly “tough”, is the guy who is able to be vulnerable and caring, putting someone else first, or even just putting their kids first instead of the hockey or football game.

So, whats it going to be?

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  1. June 16, 2012 09:34

    Would love to see a FB share button along side the FB like button.

  2. June 16, 2012 09:45

    Reblogged this on bewitchedinsalem and commented:
    A very worthwhile blog to peruse. EVERYONE can benefit from these posts from Jaeson, not just fathers!

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